We have had what some might call a bit of a “cold snap” here in Montana post-Thanksgiving.  I will preface this by saying, that cold winters in Montana are normal.  However, extended periods of below zero, and dangerous wind chill values are rare.  We usually see 2-3 days early, then another 2-3 days in Feb. that remain below zero, but most of the time it is a dry, sunny, 15-20 degree winter days.

For the last 9 days we have not been above zero.  In fact, we have been way, way below zero.  Most of the time it has been -10 or so with windchill of -20, but the coldest we saw was last Weds morning.

My sister was in her kitchen looking at a weather app on her phone, and the temperature read -24 degrees with a wind chill of -45 degrees.  I repeat…-45!  And at the moment she was looking at the temps, she looked out the window and saw a couple kids walking to school!  Only in Montana.

The positive, is that it has kept everything beautifully pristine, and a winter wonderland of snow and ice!  The weather is supposed to be in the 30’s by the end of this week, and it will feel like mid-summer to these quasi-eskimos!


A -14 morning not he Gallatin River in Big Sky

A -14 morning not he Gallatin River in Big Sky

Windchill of -29!!!???

Windchill of -29!!!???


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