Morning Commute

Winter in Bend is a funny thing. I referenced it yesterday, but winter on the high desert is unlike any winter I have been around.
Growing up in Montana you are used to cold and snow (and, I must say, plenty of sun) beginning in November, and sticking around to May. Michigan is bitterly cold with humidity, and even though Lansing didn’t get tons of snow, the grey cloud cover of winter always used to depress me.

I love winter. I love cold. On just one condition: I can play outside in it.

Bend’s winter can be summarized by little to no snow in town (at least it doesn’t stick), tons of sunshine and relatively mild temps. We have been in the 40s and 50s for a couple weeks and out in Redmond, golfers have been spotted putzing around on brown fairways. All the while, the mountains outside of town have been locked in PacNW storms with huge amounts of moisture coming from The Gulf of Alaska.

Sun in town, and gobs of snow in the mountains. Seems to be a nice combo for us.

I took this shot on my way into work this morning.



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