Another Round of Storms

Finally a new storm system has moved through to replenish the snow in the mountains.  We were on a bit of a dry spell here in Bend having not received measurable snow down here or up in the mountains for almost 4 weeks!  While the weather here in town has remained mostly sunny and in the 40’s and 50’s, the Cascades have been locked into storms for the last 4 days.

Mt. Bachelor alone received 25 inches of snow in the last 3 days, bringing her totals to well over 100 inches on the ground, and plenty of light fluffy powder to play in.

I can get used to sunny and 48 degree days, then drive 20 minutes up into the mountains and be in over 100 inches of the fluffy stuff.  Yes, I can definitely do a winter that way!

So yesterday, I slipped out of the office, and snuck up to Bachelor to play in the pillows of white stuff.  Essentially having the mountain to myself was a blast and I was able to ski hard until close.  The videos below are quick takes from several runs, and it is kind of fun to see the runs through the eyes of my GoPro.






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