The Holidays!

It seems we are perpetually catching up with our blog.  The good news, is that we DO have things to blog about!


We are both back in the saddle following a busy holiday season.  Work is going well for both of us, and we feel more and more “local” every week!  We were able to shoot back to Montana for Thanksgiving with my family, where the Weedins hosted a fantastic shindig at their place!  What would a Daws family Thanksgiving be if we didn’t have our annual battle of the “Turkey Bowl”.  This year, we faced off int he neighborhood park against a rival and neighbor family, The Johnsons.  Joe Johnson played football with my dad at MSU, and we have always been neighbors growing up.  SO playing a pickup flag football game was nothing out of the ordinary, and both teams were ready to play.

The Daws/ Weedin family eked out a last second W, with an amazing field goal kicking performance in overtime.  We retained the trophy, and bragging rights for 2013, but I’m sure there will be many future battles to come!

Ali and Jeff hosted a fantastic feast, complete with TWO turkeys (including one fried outside) and all the fixins!  We were joined by Jeff’s Dad, Doug, and his sister and brother-in-law Lezlee, and Bryce.  The kids had a blast, and it was great to enjoy the party in Ali and Jeff’s beautiful new home.  They had a great party!

My dad, Dusty, and I spent a day during the trip travelling the Bighorn River in far Southcentral Montana.  This river runs through some of the prettiest country you will find, and is, literally, about as far away from any town as you can get int he lower 48.  My dad and brother had promised lots of BIG HUNGRY TROUT, and they did not disappoint.

I had so much fun fishing with my Dad, and brother on a beautiful Montana day.  We laughed, told jokes, and drank a few beers in between casts which we hoped would produce lunkers.  While the whales avoided us that day, we got into some fish, and all had a great day finished off with a big steak back in Billings.  It was one of my favorite days that I can remember!


Family Bowling night!

Family Bowling night!

Beauty Rainbow caught on the Bighorn

Beauty Rainbow caught on the Bighorn

Livy Kay and I being goofy

Livy Kay and I being goofy

Jeff working on the fried turkey intently.  Look at that rub!

Jeff working on the fried turkey intently. Look at that rub!

Turkey Bowl Champs!

Turkey Bowl Champs!




One thought on “The Holidays!

  1. What a hoot! What the heck was I doing behind Jeff’s back while he was carving his turkey??!! Was I already partying?! 🙂

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