1st Day Out! Mt. Bachelor Early Season Storm

Gus taking a break at Winoga

Gus taking a break at Winoga

What a great first day at Bachelor!  While Jeneé was in CA at some conferences 2 weeks ago, I had the chance to get out and explore our new home mountain, Mt. Bachelor.  The mountains had received 40 inches of snow in 48 hours, and with season passes, I was obligated to get up there and do some shredding.

The “mountain” (it’s actually a butte) gets blasted by some nasty weather, and most locals tell me that it is really socked in early in the year with heavy swirling snowstorms.  On my particular day is was snowing hard, wind blowing, and heavy fog/clouds.  It was funny to ski a mountain, in heavy powder, with limited visibility especially the fact I had never been there before.  Needless to say, I wasn’t exactly bombing down runs, because the unfamiliarity of the terrain left me nervous that I would get myself in trouble with obstacles and such.

It felt great to get back on the snow, and the heavy powder made for shot legs with the first 2 hours.  The snow seemed a bit thicker than Rockies snow, with a little more water content.  This made carving through 20 inches of powder an exhausting undertaking.  I mostly kept to the eastern half of the mountain, and did most of my exploring the old-fashioned way.  Pick fork, and go for it!


Staring down 15 inches of fresh Pow


Really excited to be back on the sticks!

I ended up getting in 11 or 12 runs in a 4 hour stretch, and was GASSED!  But because I had brought Gus along (he slept in the car), I decided to switch out gear and take him on some cross-country ski trails near Bachelor.  We cruised back into some heavy timber for a couple of hours, and really enjoyed the deep and swirling snow all around us.  It was so fun to see Gus bounding through snow that was up to his neck, and he was completely exhausted by the time we finished the day.  But who am I kidding, I was too!

Bachelor skis REALLY GOOD all the way through May, and sometimes you can ski corn into June, so we should have plenty of days ahead of us!  Great to be back on the slopes!



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