Sacramento + Napa

I need to get better at updating this blog as things happen!  Two weeks ago we shot down to Sacramento to meetup with the Daws family for a fun weekend of wine and football.  The #2 Bobcats were playing @ Sacramento State U, and considering there is a direct flight from BZN to Oakland, the whole Daws clan was able to meet including Jami driving over from San Fran to take part in the fun!

Friday night, Papa Daws had made arrangements for a limo ride picking us up from the hotel and driving us out to Napa for a really fancy dinner.  The excitement of reunion + nice weather + limo = a formidable opportunity to listen to techno and pop music and pound Bud Lights on the drive to Napa.  Everyone was really in the mood to have a blast, and have a blast we did!

I think this pic is a perfect encapsulation of the limo ride

We had a GREAT dinner at Celedon and shared stories and laughs.  It was so great to catch up and just hang out with my family.  I don’t get to do it nearly enough.  After dinner we loaded back into the limo and continued the party back to the hotel.  Once we got back to the inn, we weren’t quite ready to get out as we sang some of our favorite songs, so the driver just kept doing figure 8’s in the parking lot until we had our fill.  So funny.  In the lobby we made our best attempt at finishing off our brew, which included forcing Jami to shotgun her first beer.  Amazing considering she went to Syracuse, a Big East school where you are locked indoors for 7 months because of 80 feet of lake effect snow.  I guess I thought she would’ve been a pro!  We polished off the night with a trip to In-N-Out Burger, which was a cherry on top of an already wonderful trip.


Doesnt this just scream NAPA? Dead BL’s with a Raiders logo?

Saturday was football day.  We drove to Sacramento and cozied up at a bar in Old Town Sacramento to watch the MSU v Nebraska football game in East Lansing.  Jeff is a die-hard Husker fan, so it provided some good fun to get the juices flowing for the Bobcat game later that night.  Jeff was good about not gloating after Nebraska beat Sparty in heartbreaking fashion.  Next time!

The Bobcats had a great turnout for the MSU tailgate, and the pleasant weather made for a great evening of football under the lights.  It was awesome to see how well the Bobcat fans traveled, and there are some really good things going on at MSU in Bozeman!  The Bobcats ended up pulling out a W in a hard-fought game, and their amazing season continues!  #2 in the country, with the classic rivalry game, Cat-griz this coming weekend.

Ali and Nee at the Bobcat tailgate

On Sunday, we drove back out to Napa to rent bikes and do a Napa wine tour via bike!  So much fun, and truly some of the most beautiful scenery anywhere around.  We made a few stops to taste at Napa Wine Co. and then Frogs Leap.  The wine was delish, and the weather was maxed out!  After a GREAT lunch we had to part ways.  Nee and I driving back to Bend Sunday night, and everyone else was flying our Mon morning.

Group shot at Napa Wine Co.

Neé and I at Frogs Leap

Biking beautiful Napa Valley!


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