Back to the Mitten

Jeneé’s first attempt at a blog post….

Each month I get a 3-day weekend completely free of hospital duties.  EJ and I look forward to these each month because they provide us some family time where we can disconnect from work and just spend time together (with Gus).  In September I decided to head back to Michigan before the leaves started to change so that I could see my family and the new Lakehouse.  My red-eye flight home took me through San Francisco for a couple hour layover.  A few days before I left Bend, I jokingly asked Jami if she would be at the airport when I was there…turned out, she actually was.  Jami was on her way back from Eugene, OR (ironically) where she had been for big-time lawyer work.

Jami and I raging at SFO.


When I got to Michigan the next morning I took a quick nap and then we headed up to the lake!  The second day I was there our new boat arrived.  I will admit that I was a little disappointed when Mom and Dad decided to get a tri-toon (pontoon with three floats) instead of a ski boat.  But as soon as I rode in it I was totally sold.  It is really fun and very versatile!

Mom getting geared up for the maiden voyage!

Padre enjoying his new toy.

Bam came to visit me while I was in MI and brought along her precious Wheaten Terrier puppy Brady.  I really miss all my Sparty friends and it was so nice to see Bam and catch up.  We always seem to pick up right where we left off.

Geoffy took a break from his tough fourth year at MSU (full of tailgating, classes 3 days a week and a serious case of senioritis due to a already having bagged a job with Amazon after graduation), to visit his big sis.

Cruisin’ the lake for babes.

Jack and Jill came to visit too!  It was a super fun but way too short visit!

It was tough to leave such a fun weekend with my family, but I was pretty anxious to get back to Bend to see EJ and Gus.  This was the weekend that they were trapped up at Camp Lake with their trail in blocked by a forest fire.  We spent one anxious day waiting by the phone for news that they were down safely and I was very grateful to have all of my friends and colleagues at Bend Equine offering their support, volunteering to help and relaying information about the fire to me.

The lakehouse is beautiful and I cannot wait to get back there next summer to break in the water skis!

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