Newberry Crater and Whoops

Just minutes from Bend lies hundreds of miles of singletrack mountain bike trails.  We have done our best to explore many of them, but we have barely scratched the surface!  I’ve put more miles on my bike this summer than I had in the previous 3 years combined.  Here is a few shots from our rides last weekend.

Newberry Crater is a huge volcanic crater that lies about 45 minutes south of Bend.  Along its rim is a 20 mile loop of singletrack that allows you to whisk along its high rim’s ups and downs encircling 2 lakes that lie within the crater.  The interesting thing about Newberry is it’s visceral different planet feel.  Obsidian flows, volcanic rock, steep cliffs, and crystal clear lakes make it truly unique place.  In fact, NASA used to send their astronauts to Newberry to walk around on the obsidian flows to test their suits, and it was as close to a moonscape as they could find.  FUN FACT: The only EARTH rock that was placed on the MOON came from near Devils Lake obsidian flow just outside of Bend!

Nearing the top of the rim of Newberry Crater

From the top. Looking back towards Bend. Notice Paulina Lake in the foreground, and the Three Sisters Mountains back left…then the bank of smoke from the Pole Creek Fire still clinging over Central Oregon…yuck!

As mentioned in previous posts, the “go-to” track near bend is the Phil’s Trail system.  The well-manicured track offers dozens of miles of loops all leading back to just a couple of trailheads.  Amongst the loops you can create your own 5-10-20-40 mile loops depending on time, condition, and your tolerance for saddle sores.  The “funnest” section of Phil’s is the Whoops downhill section.  A maintained downhill track of fun dips, banks, jumps, curves, and the best part?  You have to pedal like 6 times total for the whole track.

Jenee ripping the Whoops section of Phils Trail #inbend

Have some fun on Whoops, with this great edit of some dudes flying down the track…


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