Brady and Liv’s World!

When I was home a couple of weeks ago (blog post coming soon) I had a great chance to spend some really quality time with my niece and nephew, Olivia and Brady.  Ali and Jeff’s kids are the type of kids you wish you could just clone as your own!  While their personalities certainly do differ (Brady is organized, and very much a rule follower, and Liv will test her limits) they both are as sweet as can be, and my heart melts every time I get to reunite!  I definately am a proud uncle!

2012 has been a BIG year for these two.  The Weedins just moved into a beautiful new house on the southside of Bozeman, which has been a fun move for the kids as well.  Brady just started kindergarten, and while I’m sure it was rough for Ali to watch her little boy off to school for the first time, he is probably so excited to meet new friends and have new projects and activites each day.  He is going to Morning Star school, which is the same school I went to as a kid.  It was funny to walk the halls with my sister on Brady’s first day, and I was flooded with memories from 20 years ago.  Crazy how old I seem!

With Brady at school, Liv gets a chance to hang with her mom, have lazy mornings, and she even gets to do some gymnastics.  She also is going to pre-school, and learning quickly just like her big brother.  She is such a sweetheart, and is best buddies with her big brother.  I can’t wait to see them again!

Brady on his first day of school!

Liv and I headed to the park across from their house- It is/was REALLY smokey in Bozeman just like Bend!

Liv ready for gymnastics

Liv ready for school too!

Giving Brady an UNDERDOG!


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