Pray for snow, or rain, or something…

It has been over a week since the Pole Creek Fire broke west of Bend, and it seems like a month.  Unfortunately because of a temperature inversion, all of the smoke has been pushed down to the ground.  We woke up Sunday, and could even see the road 200 yards away!  Nee and I have spent the last few days with sore throats, stuffed noses, and our car – once again – covered in ash.

The fire is nearing 17,000 acres burned, and the little town of Sisters continues to remain on evac alert. Latest estimates have it at 15% contained, but it continues to burn through deadfall and beetle-kill areas. It doesn’t appear that we will get relief anytime soon, or at least until a quantifiable rainfall or some snow.  We are really hoping the smoke clears or settles when the Witherspoon’s come to visit so they can see the sights and not have to choke down the smoke!

Instagram of the smoke- taken just down the road from our house

A picture taken by someone from the top of South Sister- from FB




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