If You’re Going To San Francisco…

With Jeneés 3 day weekend this month we decided to pay a long weekend visit to Jami and Ben down in San Francisco.  Nee had been to San Fran before, and she had been talking about our visit, and looking forward to it for a long time.  I don’t know how many times she told me about “Mama’s” breakfast, and the fact that it was the best breakfast she’s ever had.  We left later Thursday evening and drove through the night to reach Jami and Ben’s place in the city around 2am.  I was doubly proud of myself, as I had chopped almost an hour and a half off the travel time on the way down (“making GREAT time” to quote Clark Griswold”).

Jami had sent us a bunch of ideas to pass the time on Friday, while her and Ben worked, and we decided to take the double-decker bus tour through the city.  It was a GREAT way to learn about SF, and her storied and sketchy past, and I would recommend it to anyone going.  We got to cross the Golden Gate Bridge, which unfortunately, was shrouded in fog the entire weekend!

At one of the stops, we got off and ate brunch (at 3pm) at the famous MaMa’s, which Jenee had been talking about for years, literally.  But it lived up to the billing, and was EXCELLENT local food!  We bobbed and weaved throughout the city the entire day, and when Jami picked us up at 5 we were sunburned, and really for some beer and baseball at ATT Park.

Mamas – numnumnumnum




Giants- I got a wee bit sunburned

ATT Park- Beautiful

Ben was in full-fledged lawyer mode, as he had a case that was pressed for time, and he was able to hammer out some important emails on his phone whilst sketching figures on a bar napkin, and drinking a microbrew all at once.  What a guy!?  We just had a beer at a dive near the stadium, and finally were able to chat!  It was great to catch up with the two of them, and learn more about their city.

Mama’s! Where dreams come true

As expected, the Giants game was cool and foggy, but the beers were flowin’ and the garlic fries (which are famous in SF) were definitely garlic-y!  The G-men’s bats were asleep, and not even testosterone-juiced Melky Cabrerra to pull their lumber from slumber.  They ended up losing, but we were not discouraged.  We just boogied on down to the nearest pub to continue our celebration.

One of the funniest parts of the weekend, was when we got home, and Ben and myself proceeded to stay up until 5AM discussing, and arguing ALL things under the sun.  From fly fishing, to the stock market, to guns and gun rights.  We basically swam in circles until 5am, neither of us budging an inch from our perspectives (as expected in an election year).

A few hours later, the girls were up and at it, and my head felt like a moshpit was going on inside.  We made the trip, and a 50 degree temperature shift to the Sonoma Valley for some wine tasting!  It took us all a bit to warm up to the idea of drinking more, but hey, when in Rome…

San Fracisco

Seals at Pier 39

We visited a few vineyards and tasting rooms and had a blast!  Truly a beautiful part of the country, and I was so happy we got to go.  After a long hot day of sweating out what I had put in the night before, we finally took a long nap back at Jami and Ben’s.

Jami made reservations at an AWESOME (my highlight of the trip) restaurant called, Foreign Cinema.  A really cool indoor/ outdoor restaurant with fantastic ambiance. We shared appetizers, and drinks, and even had a clairvoyant waiter (seriously, he said he was clairvoyant and could guess our orders…and he was right).  Thank you so much Jami for dinner again, we had so much fun!

Dinner at Foreign Cinema

GREAT dinner

Ben’s glass sawed in half! He was too cool, and just kept sipping

Jami and Jeneé

Ben had to catch an early flight the next day, so Jami, Jenee, and myself grabbed another AMAZING breakfast, and took a quick mini-tour of some of San Fran’s various ‘hoods.  We even got to see a naked man, sitting having coffee in the Castro, which always keeps things interesting.

We had a blast with Jami and Ben, and hope we can go back sometime soon!


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