Mt Hood On The Horizon

Well as you can see from the countdown on the right, I am inside of a couple of days until my alpine climb of Mt. Hood.  I couldn’t be more excited to have raised almost $5000 for the Big City Mountaineers Summit for Someone Program.  Because of your willingness to chip in some $$, dozens of kids will have a once in a lifetime wilderness experience!

I am really excited, and a tad nervous about the climb.  Mt. Hood stands 11,200 feet above sea level, and is the highest mountain in Oregon.  On a clear day we can see the mountain FROM BEND (which is almost 150 miles away) and it really is intimidating to see it’s glaciated slopes from this far away.  I have no doubt that it will be a challenging climb, but incredibly rewarding!  Hope for good weather and excellent climbing conditions.  I have been training regularly with trail runs, and long mountain bike rides, and I feel like I am in great condition!

As far as the schedule:  I will arive to Hood on Saturday morning around 9:00AM.  We will spend the day training with the Timberline Mountain Guides in “Snow School” learning climbing techniques, how to use crampons, ice axe skills, and self arresting technique.  We will also learn to read snow, and what to expect on Hood’s steep faces.

We will grab a few hours of shuteye, then reconvene to begin the climb around 1:00AM Sunday morning.  We will be climbing via headlamp for the first few hours, and should reach the summit ridges near sunrise (around 7:00AM).  The reason for the early start, is to get the best jump on the weather.  These cascade volcanoes jut up so sharply, and are so big that they actually create their own micro-weather systems usually stacking in the warmth of the day.  It’s not uncommon on a sunny 80 degree day for the summits to be shrouded in nasty storms.  Let’s pray for sunshine and big visability!  We will descend mid-morning and I will be skiing the last 2,000 vertical feet back to our starting rally point.  Should be one hell of an adventure!

For those of you that are interested, I am hoping to be connected the entire way up on my iPhone.  I will be “live tweeting” during our rest stops, so if interested make sure to follow me on Twitter (click here).  I will provide updates and pictures via Twitter/ Facebook so you all can come along with me the entire way!

After the climb, I will have photos and video to share.  It will be great!  Thanks again for your support, and I hope to hear back from you all soon.





4 thoughts on “Mt Hood On The Horizon

  1. Enjoy your adventure – it sounds thrilling! Hope you three are doing well – Murphy misses Gus. 🙂

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