Catching up… Fun around the BoZone!

Nee and I always seem to be going 100 MPH when we get into Bozeman.  We actually sometimes get a hard time from our friends and family because everyday we have a new thing to knock off on our never-ending Bozeman, Montana bucket list.  But it has paid its dividends over the years, and we have had some AWESOME trips, and side trips because of our adventurous nature.

They say that cultures and civilizations spread all over the world from the simple curiosity of people thinking, “I wonder what is over those mountains, or I wonder what is up this canyon?”  Well that attitude is definitely alive and well, and we take full advantage of all Bozeman has to offer when we can!

One of our side trips was hiking to the summit of Baldy Mountain in the Bridger Range.  It was a hike that took WAY longer than we expected and by the time we got back to the car we had knocked out about 10 miles!  The top of the mountain was funny because the official USGS summit “marker” isn’t actually on the actual summit.  The real “top” is another mile along the ridge higher up, but we were too gassed to climb those cliffs.  It was 65 degrees down in the valley but a nippy, and windy 38 degrees at the top!

Nearing the summit

At the top (sort of)!

Gus and Jeneé

Looking back towards the warmth of Bozeman

Happy to have made the top

Video from the summit:

Of course we have to have some “spool” time at my parents house, and boy did we ever take advantage of it!  We hung with the kids, and also just laid around in the sunshine!  So nice to get some rays on this pale torso…

Uncle Fun and Livvy Kay!

Jeneé and Liv put together a killer sychro routine!


Hanging with Lucy

We also made a random side trip down to Dillon, MT a really small town in the far southwestern corner of the state.  Why did we go down there?  Well aside from being a beautiful drive, there is a Patagonia Outlet store in Dillon too!  My wife and I both LOVE Patagonia branded stuff, and this was like the greatest trip ever for Jeneé.

Patagonia Outlet

On our way back to Bozeman to meet up with Dusty and Gina, we made a quick pit stop in Pony, MT.  Now Pony had a special spot in my heart.  It is a great little itty-bitty teeny tiny dot on the map near ghost town at the base of the beautiful Tobacco Root Mountains.  We used to camp here when I was growing up, and also my parents got engaged here as well!  It’s a really cool old mining town, that is just barely hanging on.  My Grandpa Daws, on a whim, bid-on and won some small parcels of land in “downtown” Pony, so maybe someday when it blows up into the next mountain ski town, we will have a place to build a sweet apre-ski condo!  Maybe someday…  Here are some pictures from our stop at the classic and historic Pony Bar.

An absolute beauty – Pony Bar – Pony, MT

Classic Montana ambiance

I have a sudden hankerin’ for a cold Banquet Coors

On the way back to Bozeman from Pony

Jeneé trail running up Sypes Canyon outside of Bozeman

cool shot of Neé with the daags!

What would a trip home be if I didn’t pound the Daws Bend honey hole mercilessly and catch mega trout!

Get used to this Gus man! He is a great fishing companion. He just sits on the bank and waits for moments like this!


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