Catching Up… Cabin fun with the kids!

My sister Ali has the cutest, most well behaved two kids on planet earth.  I say this because it’s true and we have experienced it first-hand.  Neé and i got the opportunity to spend a day up at our cabin, just the 4 of us before Nana and Papa came up later in the day while Ali and Jeff were out of town.  And boy did we have fun!

Brady and Liv took naps on the 1 hour drive to the lake, and this rest charged them up for tons of laughs at the cabin.  We skipped rocks, threw sticks to Gus, watched Bambi, ate some snacks and even went tubing when my parents got up there!  The cabin is one of my all time favorite places, and the time spent there (while far between) is absolutely cherished especially with friends and family.  Can’t wait to be able to get to the lake more often!

Liv cheesin’ with Aunt Neé

Brady and Neé hangin out!

Liv being SUPER GIRL! She wore those goggles for hours!

Cruisin with Livvy Kay!

Brady and I messing with Gus

Brady was so good with commanding Gus, and Gusser listened really well!

There were PLENTY of waterlogged sticks for Gus’ needs

Near the top of “Daws Mountain” at Canyon Ferry Lake – it’s real! Look it up!

Neé nearing the summit as well!

The view from the top- Our cabin is near the center of the picture

Jeneé and I took the LONG WAY home from the lake which included a spin through the shields valley that is flanked by the Bridger and Crazy Mountain Ranges on each side.  Wide open road with no cars, people, or really any houses.  It’s so open in fact, at one point I looked down at my speedometer, and I was going  100 MPH without even realizing it…

It is true Montana vistas at it’s best:  High, Wide, and Handsome!

The backside of the Bridgers are amazing!

Montana: High, Wide, and Handsome

The Crazies


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