Peterson Ridge Singletrack

Part of the fun of living here is the absolute bike crazy culture.  Everywhere you go it’s all about biking.  Either mountain biking or road biking, it really doesn’t matter.  In fact, as I have learned, several professional and Olympians live or have a place in town just to continue training.  Apparently you can ride singletrack year round, and that’s all part of the appeal!

Bend features hundreds upon hundreds (yes, that’s right HUNDREDS) of miles of mountain biking trail in or around town in Deschutes National Forest or Sisters Wilderness.  We have had some fun so far exploring bits and pieces of these tracks, and we just explore new sections whenever we get a chance.

Tonight Gus and I rode an 8 mile section of Peterson Ridge track.  It’s nice because the volcanic soil creates smooth dirt track, without too much dust, and the track ebbs and flows up and down providing a great ride.  Our ride tonight featured quite a bit of elevation change, some technical rock sections, a couple creek crossings (which Gus loves) and a few awesome exposed lookout sections which featured fantastic panoramas of the Three Sisters Wilderness and the Three Sisters volcanoes themselves.

The best part?  The trailhead is 13 minutes drive from our front door (I timed it!)

Gus is in very good shape, and he has a blast trudging along out in front in a steady jog for the entire 8 miles!

Gus and I taking a break at the top

Here is a panorama video from the top.


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