Midland visit!

Playing a little catch up here (which seems to be par for the course).

Right before we left on our move we got to go back to Midland to visit Jeneés family for Memorial Day.  It coincided with Gus’ birthday celebration, as well as a rockin’ parade downtown.  We also got to welcome Geoffrey back to the USA, as he had been in Europe for almost a month.  We welcomed him home with some delicious micro brew, a shower (finally), hot dogs, american flags, and a Memorial Day parade!  Fortunately he didn’t come home with capri pants, a pencil-thin mustache, a habit of smoking underhand, or hating Americans…

We had a great time relaxing, and enjoying our last few days in the Midwest before the big trip.

a pit fire to welcome Geoff back from Europe!

Jillian and her cute dog Jack

ma sista’ in law

The Spoons! Happy to have Geoff back on home soil

Welcome home buddy!

Geoff and Gus at Gus’ birthday bash

now that’s partying!

At the parade, which was more of a political rally/ walk rather than much else…oh yea, and the elite Midland Belly Dancer group…


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