Kelly and Josh’s Wedding!

The night before we hit the road, we got to attend Kelly and Josh Leven’s wedding outside of Lansing.  They were both in Jeneé’s Vet School class (same group of friends in fact), and ended up dating then getting married!  If you will recall, Kelly sang at our wedding, and they both are two of the nicest people you will meet.

Their wedding took place just outside of Lansing at a beautiful bed and breakfast, and their ceremony was so nice.  They were able to get the service in jst in the nick of time, because there were threatening thunderstorms in the vicinity.  But mother nature held off, and actually, the thunderheads in the distance provided some unique, one-of-a-kind ambiance!


Bridge to the ceremony

Katie, Angela, Jeneé, and Angela at cocktail hour

Classic Midwest views – The weather held off and provided some beautiful Midwest scenery

Ready for the show

Let’s get ‘er goin!

Katie Hughes and myself

Neé and I (with Infante on a DYNAMITE photo bomb!)

Neé and Katie

gettin’ er going

Spankin’ the planks!

having our “own” photo booth session

One of the things that is bittersweet for this group of friends, was that this wedding marked a milestone.  Because they are all practicing medicine across the country (Michigan, Kentucky, Colorado, Oregon etc…) this wedding marked the last time they will see each other for awhile.  It was a great group that saw much success during their schooling and will be awesome Vets!

with the Groom – Josh


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