The Big Move!

Here is a basic recap, as well as some pictures from our move west (finally!).

Jeneé spent the better part of a week meticulously packing and sorting our little place.  It’s amazing how much crap accumulates in a small apartment.  But nonetheless she did an AMAZING job, and I only helped load the final pieces!  We sold most of our stuff on CL or other referrals, and it was nice to dump pretty much all of our big things!

Packing up!

a buncha stuff? AKA our Lives!

our lives in a 6×10 trailer

The WORST part of moving… painting

Off we go!

So we headed west!  Making good time through Chicago, then north through Madison Wisconsin and the dairyfarms of cheesehead land.  Gus was treated like a king in the back, and he basically slept the entire 27 hours to MT.  It was strange driving the trailer, but the ol’ Highlander seemed to handle it well.

We ended up staying in Fergus Falls, MN for the night, satisfied with the progress we had made!


no worries…we took this at lunch stop!

We jammed MONY MONY the whole way.

The Badlands and Oil Fields of North Dakota were served a heavy dose of Mony, Mony (eat shit grizzlies, go Cats go!) and plenty of George Strait and Kenny Chesney (mixed with some Colin Cowherd) as we jammed right thru the flyover states in style.  Both Jenee and I were pumped to drive through Teddy Roosevelt National Park, which signaled we had made it “West”

YES! There she is!

Crossing the border to Big Sky country we both threw on cowboy hats and opened all the windows to some jamming country tunes.  It didnt take long for the buzz to wear off though.  We realized we still had 7 hours of driving through this big-ass state, and we had to save some energy.

“beneath these western skies…”

Not so keyed…

The dude abides

Finally!  After 27 hours on the road, much construction, a Fergus Falls Super 8, 42 of 50 state license plates identified, and 2 cases of Red Bull, we were home!  So happy so see our greeting party at my parents house as we rolled up in the early evening.

Plenty of time to drink a few Bozone Ambers, and catch up with my family (who I hadnt seen since Thanksgiving…crazy!)

We drifted off to sleep, and we so excited for 2 weeks in Montana!



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