Kayak Krazy in da U.P.

Neé and I had an amazing adventure a couple of weeks ago!  As part of our Michigan/ Midwest bucket list before we move to Bend, we decided to take the mighty Lake Superior AKA Gitchee Gumme head on!  We pulled no punches and decided to spend 4 days on her brutally cold waters, sea kayaking and camping on the beach.  Good idea right?  Well it was! We didn’t see people for almost TWO days, and our totals were as follows:  4 days, we saw 2 kayaks and 1 fishing boat way in the distance.

We had an amazing time, and the power of Superior definately draws you in, and I can see us coming back to her shores for kayak and backpack adventures in the future.

Neé in front of “Lovers Leap” arch at Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore

Superior is the largest fresh water lake in the world (by surface area), and her icy 40 degree crystal clear water is a true natural sight to behold.  Seriously, calling this thing a “lake” is an insult to her size and power!  But our main focus was on kayaking the massive rock walls of Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore int he Upper Peninsula of Michigan (say it with me, “SAY YA TO DA U.P EH?”).  We had an amazing time, and were so fortunate her weather decided to allow us to see the lake in its full glory, without any nasty gales taking us under!

I wrote this encapsulation on my MOB Blog a couple days ago, and thought I would share.  What an amazing way to say “see ya” to the Mitten, and the beauty of the Great Lakes that has surrounded us the last decade!

Read More! Here is the post from MOB

Here are the pictures from Facebook!

The paddler at her best near Grand Island – Trout Bay

Messing around on the beach


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