Gusser getting ready for the big move

Gus man has no idea that his little life is about to be flipped upside down!  Although we can sense that he feels like something is going on as we start to organize the house and pull stuff out of the attic!

Last time we drove across the country, Gus basically was the saddest most depressed dog around and I have a feeling the wide-open plains will only give him the blues again this time.

Happy little guy

Either way he will be excited to be in his new home, and should adapt fairly quickly!  He has had a great run here in Michigan, which has included making friends, chasing birds, eating sticks, and tons of swimming and running on trails!  he also successfully completed a dog agility course, and has already driven across the country at the tender age of almost 3!

A quick swim in the Red Cedar river on campus, with Spartan Stadium across the street!

His 3rd birthday is coming up (21 in human years) so I think he is ready to hit those college bars in East Lansing (Rick’s, The Landshark, and PT’s to name a few…


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